The Secret Life of the Canadian Teenager

I went to a private all-girls catholic high school...and now I'm going to a co-ed public college...let the fun begin! I offer advice for bullied victims and relationship advice. I'm a college Health Science Student. This is just my personal life blog. I love HOCKEY. I love sports in general :) My BookTalk with BookLion blog is up ( !!! I have recently been ADMITTED to the UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA in an HONOURS B.S.C for the FALL 2014 semester!!!!! I'm so excited to start my university journey soon. Follow for Follow?

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Zachary Fucale and Jonathan Drouin: An unbreakable bond (Eng. Subtitles)

translated by fucale for hockeyleagues


There is arguably no better feeling then seeing your team score in OT, especially if your team is an underdog.

(Source: princecarey)


Montreal Canadiens - Round 1 


Marc Bergevin post game reactions (gifs aren’t mine)

"What I experienced on Sunday at the Bell Centre is very special"

- Daniel Briere  (via princecarey)


Seguin with the ‘A’ on his jersey (last game of season).


I’m shaking, the quality is fucking bad because I filmed it with my ipad and it’s in french, but seriously, watch this.



Reason #47482884828 to love roberto luongo’s twitter