The Secret Life of the Canadian Teenager

I went to a private all-girls catholic high school...and now I'm going to a co-ed public college...let the fun begin! This is just my personal life blog. I love HOCKEY...and the Montreal Canadiens. I love sports in general :) I have recently been ADMITTED to the UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA in an HONOURS B.S.C for the FALL 2014 semester!!!!! I'm so excited to start my university journey soon!!!

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NHL + the colours of the rainbow

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Anonymous asked: I would love a sketch of Brendan Gallagher andor Alex Galchenyuk. :D



Gallys! :)


and in that moment i swear we were infinite

the-unprofessional-doctor asked: That's cool. I'm taking it in Winter 2014. I'm so excited for uOttawa! I'll be studying History, maybe I'll be able to get study tips on Witchcraft since you're taking it first, :P

Haha maybe ;) I just wonder how many potterheads are going to go into the class with a wand or a Hogwarts house scarf…even though the class has nothing to do with Harry potter hahaha


So I’m taking ‘Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Traditions’ in university, and honestly it sounds like the coolest class ever.

Random but…I’m taking that class too in fall2014!!!


Me right now.

Love blog!


It’s a long trip to the ice


oh my god


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